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  The first question most people ask when considering a web site is 'how much will it cost?' We often find that people expect cost's to be high and are often pleasantly surprised by the costs, at least the ones charged by us. And The way we manage to keep the low cost's? Low overhead cost's. We do not have fancy offices or highly paid sales staff, just an honest days pay for an honest days work, this allow us to be highly competitive with our prices.

The examples below range in price the first site gadgetguy.co.uk is a site developed by myself for myself. The cost to set up a similar site would be around £400- £500. This would include a shopping cart and around 20 items to purchase. The facility for the user to easily add more items. The ability for your customers to pay with credit cards would also be incorporated and most importantly advice and help from myself to help you start your online business.

The other sites would all cost around £150 to create, content would be added as required. Hosting the site is included in the price for the complete year. After the first year the cost would be around £5 to £10 per month depending on how busy your site is and what facilities your site offers.

So now you can see how inexpensive a site can be, what's stopping you having a site for your business or even starting your own online business?
Contact us today to begin you online adventure.

  Building regulations
This web site was created to sell building regs. The site has done well, using Google AdWords for promotion.
  Electricians training
Domlec, sells electricians 2382 and 2392 C&G training courses on Cd's. The site uses paypal as a transaction partner and again Google AdWords to promote itself
  Watch batteries
Selling batteries and other watch straps, seals and tools, using Paypal shopping cart and Google's generic search engine for promotion, it is now beginning to pick up traffic and sales.
  C&G 2392
The all new City and Guilds 2392 is the updated inspection and test certificate course, these people offer online and home study courses.
  Mens unusual gifts
This site was created by ourselves and used to be run as online shop, since web design is now our priority the site has been took out of commision
  Castle Bromwich Portal
Another fully functional web site. This design allows a non technical person to edit the site contents including pictures, videos. This design cost around 400-500 one of fee plus hosting of 20 a month.
  A flash version of tinka.co.uk
This site demonstrates our skills in using the macromedia flash software, the graphics are nice and effective but flash is not search engine friendly.
  The King of England
for A day, fancy it? Well not quite but nearly as cool. Starting from 20, you get a whole day on the front page and a listing for your chosen date for the rest of the calender year.
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